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Our Clients

AC Dispensing, Canada
ACH Food Companies, Inc., USA
AFA Dispensing, Netherlands
Alaska Brands, USA
Altira, Inc, USA
Alusud (Alcoa Buenos Aires), Argentina
Ashland Distribution Company, USA
Attorney General Of Washington, USA
Buenos Aires Embotelladora S.A.
Blow Mold Tooling, Canada
Bomatic, USA
Canadian Plastics Training Centre, Canada
Captiva Plastics, USA
Captive Plastics, USA
Charles Industries Ltd, USA
Classic Beverages of Nigeria Nigeria
Colgate-Palmolive Comoany, USA
Compax, USA
Corporacion Plastica , Colombia
Corplas, Colombia
CyPET, Cyprus
Daley-Hodkin, LLC, USA
DanoneWave, USA
Drug Plastics, USA
First Preference Products, USA
Fred Beverages, USA
Gerber Products Company, USA
Graham Machinery Group, USA
Hart Intercivic, USA
Hayet, Tunisia
Heins PCM, Canada
Husky Injection Molding Systems, Canada
Ice River, Canada
IMBC, Canada
Industrias Vassallo, Puerto Rico
Interbrand, Lebanon
IntraPac International, Canada
Jore Corporation, USA
Karlville Development Group, USA
Kerry Ingredients, USA
KIK Custom Products, Canada
M & B Manufacturing, USA
Magic North-America, Canada
MCorp, Canada
Meco-Samsonite, USA
Medela, USA
Mold Technologies Corporation, Jordan
Monarch Plastics Group, Canada
N.E.W Plastics Corp., USA
Neuro Drinks, USA
Nouvelle Parfumerie Gandour, Ivory COast
Olcott Plastics, USA
Packaging Consortium, Canada
Paulson Training Programs, USA
Procter & Gamble, USA
Pacific Allied Products, Hawaii
PET del Caribe, Colombia
Plastex, Tunisia
Plastipak, USA
Plastique Micron, Canada
POM Wonderful, USA
Prima Corporation, Nigeria
Progen, Colombia
Regency Plastics, USA
Reliance Consumer Products
Replenish, USA
Rhodia-Ster, Brazil
Royal Plastics, Thailand
Schless Bottles, USA
Sheridan College, Canada
Silgan Plastics Corporation, USA
Stihl, USA
Teleflex, Malaysia
Teltech/Intota Expert Network , USA
Tristate Distribution, USA
Western Container, USA
Whirley Industries, USA
Yaya Foods, Canada
Zotos International, USA