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We now offer marketing services for companies wishing to market their products in the blow molding industry. Whether you developed a resin additive, a conveyor system, a bottle design, or a machine, we can assist you in getting the word out to the right people with the right arguments.


Our comprehensive approach starts with a technical evaluation of your product. We will examine all aspects with respect to


  • Technical merits
  • Competitive products
  • Recyclability
  • Work hazards
  • Consumer safety
  • Consumer preferences


Based on this evaluation, we suggest a marketing strategy outlining


  • Focused advertising
  • Show and conference participation
  • Sales efforts targeted to specific companies in the PET sector
  • Hiring sales agents
  • Creating budgets and setting an expectation horizon
  • Brochure creation and distribution
  • Other sales material


We will assist your team in implementing this approach or we can take on parts of it ourselves. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.


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