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Why Hire Us?

Plastic bottles and other plastic parts require a high degree of very special knowledge. There are many circumstances where hiring us as consultants makes sense. You have to weigh the expenses for our services against the benefits you will derive from our involvement.


If you are not involved in plastic bottle molding but need the process to make parts that you will distribute, we can help you:


  • Which process and material to use
  • How to design the parts so they can be molded
  • Source qualified mold makers and processors
  • Write detailed specifications
  • Investigate if prices are within industry standards
  • What tolerances to expect.


Without this support, you might not choose the optimal process, miss important design opportunities or pay too much for your parts.

Example: An outdoor furniture manufacturer could eliminate 2 injection molded parts by incorporating features into the blow molded part.

If you are not yet involved in plastics processing but want to get started to blow your own bottles, we will:


  • Choose the machinery you really need with the most economical and up-to-date technology
  • Design parts to your specifications
  • Develop a training program that gets your people through the learning curve quickly
  • Explore cost savings


A machine manufacturer might sell you on a water bottle that is easy for them to blow but the preform required is difficult to produce and would have a high scrap rate. So the overall efficiency of the plant would have suffered. Or if you are buying preforms, you might find the preform/bottle combination causes high scrap rates. You could have avoided this by letting us check it first.

If you are already involved in plastics manufacturing you could benefit from our services in many ways. We will: