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PET Preform Injection Molding




With well over 2,000 injection machines installed worldwide to manufacture preforms this is now an important niche market that makes however products that are getting closer to commodity items every year. With that trend margins have evaporated and converters are having a hard time making money with preforms for water and soft drinks while custom preforms still demand a premium.
Technology is still improving machines and process and cycle times as low as 6 seconds are now possible for thin-walled preforms. This forces converters to update their machine park every 6 to 8 years the latest taking on new debt just when the machines have been written off.


In this situation it is paramount that existing machines run as efficiently as possible. That means that pack-out rates must be in the 98% area including start-up scrap. To achieve this performance machine, tool, and auxiliaries must be in top shape. And technicians must be knowledgeable about the proper way of processing and troubleshooting.


The experts at Apex Container Tech can assist you by:

  • Setting the optimal cycle time for each product
  • Reviewing your machine and tool status
  • Advising on optimal operational efficiency
  • Advising on dryer and water issues
  • Troubleshooting process problems
  • Training your operators comprehensively
  • Designing optimal preforms for your bottle application
  • Selecting machine and tool suppliers
  • Accepting your new machine or tool for you against written specifications