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Stretch Blow Molding

Reheat Stretch Blow Molding (RSBM) is part of the two-stage process of making bottles from PET or other resins. During the first stage injection machines produce vial or test-tube shaped ‘preforms’. The necks of preforms are fully finished but the diameter and length is much smaller than the bottle into which it will be transformed during the RSBM process. During this transformation the material undergoes significant changes in molecular orientation making PET bottles virtually unbreakable, lightweight, and enhancing various barrier properties while keeping the clarity that is also present in the preforms.

Making PET preforms and bottles has become a high-tech, extremely competitive business. The challenge for smaller companies is to compete with much larger corporations and carve out a niche for a profitable business. Large corporations have to stay ahead of the competition and spend their R & D Dollars wisely. With the advent of increased barrier materials, hot-fill applications, coating technologies etc. it has become more difficult to invest these Dollars in areas that make commercial sense. With our experience in preform and bottle design and manufacturing technology we can assist you in making the right decisions.


Review of existing business

  • Analyze and eliminate bottle defects
  • Improve machine performance
  • Full service preform and bottle design including proto-typing
  • Rational planning of preform tooling
  • Trouble-shooting of single and two stage process
  • Improve plant lay-out and material and bottle handling


Starting up a new business

  • Project management from initial bottle designs to start-up of new plant
  • Analysis of best process: single or two stage injection stretch blow molding
  • Sourcing of all equipment at the best price
  • Decide between hot-fill and aseptic-fill
  • Start-up and training of personnel