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Extrusion Blow Molding for Processors

This course is for people that have already some experience with extrusion blow molding.
I will introduce both blow-and-drop and tiebar-less machines and their relevant process differences. Then we look at a cycle diagram and understand cause/consequence relationships between different machine functions. This will help reducing dead time on the machine and improve cycle time. We will then examine different knives and their respective timing challenges
. Next we take an in-depth look at the programmer (wall thickness controller) and how its settings affect the machine cycle. I will also talk about proper cooling water flow and measures to take to avoid condensation.
This course is more tailored to shuttle machine technology with limited benefits for users of industrial machinery.
Key process parameters:
Blow-and-Drop machines
Tie-barless machines
Cycle diagrams for both machine types
Optimizing cycle time
Timing challenges with different knives
Interaction between cycle timer and programmer timer
Cycle time and cooling characteristics
Cooling water control in the summer months
Who should attend?
Operators, processors, plant engineers that had some exposure to extrusion blow molding, or who want to refresh their knowledge and gain new insights.