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Stress Cracking of CSD Bottles

This course explains the mechanics that underlie stress cracking of PET bottles with petaloid bases. It outlines measures that plant personnel can take in both injection and blow molding to prevent this failure. There will also be a short section on design guide lines for Petaloid bases.
Topics include:
– Terminology
– Types of failure
– burst test failure
– Caustic Soda test failure
– failure in the field
– Injection molding
– Improper drying
– IV drop
– gate crystallinity
– preform humidity
– Blow molding parameters
– temperature issues
– timing issues
– base design
Who should attend?
Everybody wanting a better understanding why bottles fail in this manner. Plant personnel running either injection or blow molding equipment used to make preforms for CSD bottle or CSD bottles. Mold designers, project engineers or sales people that are involved in CSD bottles.