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PET Preform and Bottle Molding Technology

This course expands on the PET tutorial offered on the web site and covers all areas of PET rigid container molding. Topics include:
– PET: the packaging material of choice
o CSD bottles
o Water bottles
o Beer bottles
o Hot-fill bottles
o Wide-mouth containers
o Custom containers for household, industrial and personal care products
– The three different ways of making a PET bottle
o Two-stage reheat-stretch-blow molding
o One-stage stretch-blow molding
o “One-and-a-half-stage” stretch-blow molding
– Preform injection molding: machines, molds, and process
– Stretch blow molding: machines, molds, and process
– PET preform design: the right preform for your bottle is critical for success
o Neck finish and weight
o Stretch ratios
o Resin grade, color, etc.
– Product shelf life: different options for bottlers
o Cold Aseptic Filling: machines and process
o Hot-Filling: What is different about this process
o Multi-layer, coatings, etc.
Who should attend?
This course is intended for those who want a brief technical overview of the manufacture of PET packaging. Project engineers, manufacturing engineers, plant managers, sales people, managers or business owners that are interested in PET but have little or no prior experience will all profit from this thorough overview.