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The first step in making bottles is to mold preforms (or parisons). The resin pellets are melted, then injection molded to make preforms. A preform has the completely molded neck finish of the bottle, including the screw threads and the pouring edge, but the body is a short tube with one end closed and with wall thickness about 8-12 times thicker than the bottle wall.

In the two-stage process, the preforms are molded in a dedicated high-output system. These preform molding systems typically consist of a high-speed injection unit with a plasticising screw selected for PET, a balanced hot runner, a multi-cavity injection mold with splits for molding the neck finish and ejecting the part, and some means of removing the preforms without damaging them. Often customized part-handling equipment is integrated with the mold operation to reduce cycle times while improving part quality.

Each cavity of the preform mold has a set of components which mold the preform geometry, called a mold stack. A typical stack design is shown below.