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Primer in Preform Design

No other topic is shrouded in more secrecy than the design of PET preforms for the stretch blow process. This course outlines the basic principles of the design process. You will learn:
Evaluating bottle specifications
Gate to wall thickness ratios
Choosing and calculating stretch ratios
Stretching PET in different ways and resulting orientation
Basic preform designs
Transition length considerations
Estimating wall thickness variations
Differences between single stage and 2-stage preforms
Weight estimation
The design process from A to Z illustrated with two examples
Each participant will receive a copy of the presentation for note-taking and a spreadsheet for weight estimation
This course discusses preforms for both the single stage and two-stage process. It is intended for designers and professionals in the industry that make decisions about PET bottles. No prior design background necessary. A 3-D design package will be required to do actual designs. However, for the presentation this is not necessary.
Length: 2 hours
Cost: US$295, CAN$295 plus GST plus your long-distance charges to a US telephone number