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Reheat Stretch Blow Molding

This course is a practical introduction to the technology of two-stage PET reheat-stretch blow molding. It gives participants in-depth instructions on how to set up and run the machine for optimal bottle quality. The main principles behind reheating PET preforms and the workings inside the blow mold will be explained in detail. We will use a computer program to simulate the inflation of the preform in the blow mold.
Topics include:
– Preform wall temperatures, stretch ratios, and how the preform inflates into a bottle
– Update: Strain-hardening with different axial stretch ratios
– Controlling bottle wall thickness distribution
– Reheating PET preforms with infrared:
o Radiation, convection, conduction and the light absorption characteristics of PET
– Control of the infrared heaters
– Temperature control in the oven
– Timing of the blow process
o stretch rods
o pre-blow and high pressure blow air
o decompression
Who should attend?
Operators, processors, and plant engineers that are new to two-stage reheat-stretch blow molding, or who want to refresh their knowledge and gain new insights.